What is Dubai on Demand?

dubai ON demand is where the world of influencers and digital marketing collide. Through a host of Dubai’s best-known personalities from celebrated fashionistas, comedians, and chefs to some of the region’s most recognized television presenters, we create content showcasing Dubai.

dONd Incubator

At dubai ON demand, we believe everyone is a content creator. We strive to create a community of influencers and support them in their growth. Become a member and get access to: monthly Workshops, dONd Studio Monthly Networking events, get your dONd diagnosis, followed by a dONd Prescription, for you to follow and grow your online presence, not to mention access collaborative opportunities & of course getting licensed though the dONd Influencer licence

dONd Agency

Influencer Marketing has become the go-to marketing strategy for all brands and marketing managers and is predicted to be even stronger in 2019. With our network of influencers, our community of up & coming Content Creators and experience in content production, we support your brand in sourcing the right talent and developing the right campaign to get the ROI you need.

dONd Multi-Channel Network

We partner with Creators to grow in the online space and support them in developing original content, web-series across our Network. This is not for everyone. We promise hard work, long hours and steady results, but when the results do come through, it will be worth it!

dONd Influencer Family

We don't bite!
(Unless you're a delicious cream cake) so drop us a line!